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Air Duct Cleaning in North Little Rock, AR

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Like the human respiratory system, furnaces and air conditioners take air in and breathe air out. If you or I were to breathe in dust, microbes, pet hair, or allergens, illness and discomfort would be the result. The same applies to your air ducts. If the indoor air quality in
your home or business leaves much to be desired, call Ultra Clean of Arkansas, Inc (The Boys in Blue) right away. The Boys In Blue will dispatch to your location in Central Arkansas, and get your heating and cooling ducts, and you, breathing clean air.

Clearing the air about air duct cleaning

Some say air duct cleaning is an unnecessary, overrated, and overpriced service. A few unscrupulous operators have given this profession a bad reputation. Still, there are some segments of the population for whom living with dirty duct work is simply not an option, including: 

The elderly

Babies and young children

Immunocompromised individuals

Severe allergy sufferers


Call Ultra Clean of Arkansas, Inc (The Boys in Blue) for an indoor air quality test, in North Little Rock and Central Arkansas. 

Good for your system

You change the filter in your furnace or air conditioner periodically to keep it operating at optimal efficiency. It stands to reason that if your duct work is clogged with dust, hair, pollen, or mites, your A/C or heating system has to work harder, which costs you more in both the short and the long term. Why take the chance? Call Ultra Clean of Arkansas, Inc (The Boys in Blue) for efficient, affordable duct cleaning! 

Signs of dirty ductwork

Your residential or commercial air ducts could be in need of a cleaning if your previously healthy family or employees are experiencing:

Watery eyes




Frequent colds

Low grade fevers

Skin irritation

Stuffy noses

Sore throats

Unpleasant or musty odors can also be attributed to dirty ductwork. Call Ultra Clean of Arkansas, Inc (The Boys in Blue) for a free, no-obligation estimate on air duct cleaning today. 

Air Duct Cleaning Service in North Little Rock, AR

Ultra Clean of Arkansas, also known as “The Boys In Blue,” offers an excellent service to residents of North Little Rock, AR, and surrounding areas which is Air Duct Cleaning. With the firm belief in the importance of clean air for good health, we focus on removing contaminants in your air ducts to improve indoor air quality and ensure efficient operation of your HVAC. Our experts meticulously perform the task using the industry best methods and equipment, making us the first choice for Air Duct Cleaning in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Reliable Air Duct Cleaning in North Little Rock, Arkansas

When it comes to air duct cleaning, there’s nobody that does it more thoroughly than Ultra Clean of Arkansas. Equipped with the most up to date HVAC tools and underpinned by well-trained professionals, we ensure that every spot in your Air Ducts is reached. Free on-site inspection is done prior to any cleaning activity and we provide a clear explanation of services that will be rendered backed with a precise estimate. We save you the stress of unexpected expenses, establishing ourselves as the top choice for high-quality air duct cleaning.

In addition to Air Duct Cleaning, we offer Carpet Cleaning Services for residents of Little Rock, Arkansas, and nearby regions. Your carpets are more than just simple decor; they are a significant part of your home that contributes to the overall ambience. However, over time, they can collect dirt, allergens, and odors which reduces their aesthetic appeal and can trigger health issues. That’s where Ultra Clean of Arkansas jumps in, we breathe new life into your carpets, making them look as good as new.

We Strive For Top-tier Customer Service

At Ultra Clean of Arkansas, we are committed to providing our clients with complete satisfaction. From the moment you reach out to us until the completion of our cleaning service, our dedicated team consistently prioritizes your needs. We aim to maintain top-tier customer service which we believe is the cornerstone of trust and long-lasting relationship with our clients.

With us, you get more than just cleaning services. We offer peace of mind by doing our job right the first time. Whether it’s Air Duct Cleaning in North Little Rock, AR or Carpet Cleaning Services for Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding areas, you can always count on Ultra Clean of Arkansas, Inc. – The Boys In Blue, to get the job done in the most effective way. Contact us today, and experience first-class cleaning services.

Our air duct cleaning rates give your budget a breather. Call today!

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